Friday 16 April 2010

NaPoWriMo #16 - Café


Here the cups stick around for longer
and the coffee may as well bend time
in its inky depths. We all feel taller
for eating here and it is not just our ears
that keep growing as we natter on
about each others’ weaknesses.
There are no clocks but that is not all
there is lacking: there are no children either,
just the elderly and those with a lust
to wile away the sort of time a child has
forever to realise. To re-enter the world
is to realise how short everything else must be.
Even my feet seem longer,
my toes more able to take the weight.


  1. Oh I love the awareness of Time's elasticity here. Well writ.

  2. An interesting poem with a razor sharp social commentary. Good one.


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