Wednesday 14 April 2010

NaPoWriMo #14 - Holiday equipment

Holiday equipment

I have decided to take two cameras              – two cameras to carry, you say
because it reflects more readily                    despite my sore shoulders
what I might see with my own two eyes        and I welcome the distraction.
One is for instant frames of nostalgia           One is to fill with pictures
we will gaze at just after the event               with our faces smiling from a recent past
that we can barely remember                        that will still have the power to surprise
however much we look at them                     on our return, and months after.


  1. Great job on form and content!

  2. Very neat. Makes the form really work.

  3. Thanks everyone. I actually found this very difficult and wasn't sure it was working, so it's good to know it makes sense in some way to other people!


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