Thursday 1 April 2010

NaPoWriMo #1 - Way Out

Way out

They say he comes from California, a head of
close-cropped hair and a passion for the novae
of the Milky Way. Trapped in his own perspective
with his eyes to the stars, they say he is immovable
and compromise-free, the sparkle of desire on his skin.

Looking up from my own head glue I catch sight
of him glistening out of context, eyes down. There is a moment:
denial but no way out. They say a lot of things about us
but it just boils down to love: he loves everybody
and me. We are sky-bound on my trust that it’s enough.


  1. I read this a couple times and really like it! That last line is perfect!

  2. Yeah, what Linda said!


  3. Lovely, I'm going to enjoy reading your stuff this month Sophie.


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