Monday 21 May 2012

Self-imposed restrictions

And so... NaPoWriMo was a no-go for me, mostly because of time and considerations of where to post these things. It's a terrible thing, getting more 'discerning' with your poetry. I dislike myself sometimes, as it feels like I'm being a tad snooty with my own work, but with the burgeoning internet (accidental) self-publication possibilities, and a diminishing market for real-world publication (and some pamphlet competitions specifying that included poems not be freely available anywhere on the internet) it seems more worthwhile a consideration. And so, and so. I find myself with these self-imposed restrictions and a mild self-disgust for following them.

So, no NaPoWriMo, and still not a huge amount of writing, but things are looking up a bit as I've enrolled in The Poetry School's online poetry course 'Adventures in Form' (which is inspired by that book over there, published by Penned in the Margins), and this requires a poem a week. I like the online course format, with friendly forums and loose deadlines, and no tutor to answer to for posting late (which I've done with every poem so far...) And it's good to be writing regularly again, even if it is in strange N+7 or Poemixtape forms - there's those self-imposed restrictions again.

AND, I'm running regularly again (hoorah!), and looking after a Herman, and learning to drive soon, and still Poet Shadowing for Shake the Dust, and customising cardigans with horse faces, and the rats are lovely - so really life is full and interesting without a poem a day to think about.