Friday 31 January 2014

All change - again!

A year on. And what a year.

I now live in London, and work at The Poetry Society.

I still haven't had a collection published, and still struggle to fit writing in. But now that London feels more like home than it did in the first flush of moving back in September, it is weedling its way back into my routine.

London is a place. I mean, it knows it's a place. I'm enjoying its identity and busyness, cycling to work in the rain and its complete lack of anything really really cold (so far) this winter. I even swam in an outdoor pool the other day! In Covent Garden! Who knew.

Anyway, it's nice to see you again. It's good to be back. It feels like a little bit of home I can take with me wherever I go... so here's to reinstating this blog as part of my routine, too. Yes. Here's to that.

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  1. Mslexia still shows you as the Marketing Editor..Marketing manager. Did you like it there? Im asking because Im hoping to submit some things I have. Mslexia happened to stumble upon my web surfing..and it has you as a the Marketing Editor. I appreciate your poems and blogs, and pictures. I like the pigeon you drew in Catalogue 25. Peace.


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