Thursday 18 March 2010

Important, time-consuming tasks that have prevented me from blogging so far this month:

  • Working my way up to the Pokémon League with Hetty, Josephine, Therese, Valerie, Wayne and Phyllis.
  • Getting the Mslexia directory into a state that is passable for publication in issue 45.
  • Watching Skins. And getting quite upset at the latest plot turn.
  • Thinking about blogging.
  • Blogging elsewhere.
  • Reading Twitter.
  • Going on adventures with Craig.
  • Tidying.
  • Getting my Northern Promise application together.
  • Reading Bleach.
  • Considering my poems, and then deciding that I really need some new ones.
  • Drinking coffee (decaf).
  • Reading the Guardian.
  • Looking at design blogs longingly. (Ffffound and Yay! Everyday, particularly)

These also all apply as reasons I have not been writing poems.

Oh! This means I have constructed a blog post whose entire reason for existence is EXCUSE. Excellent.

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